Wybron CXI Scrollers Color NYC Club

Dizzy Gillespie, Wynton Marsalis, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Aretha Franklin–some of the world’s most legendary artists performed at the Village Gate during its nearly 40-year run in New York City’s Greenwich Village. The Bleecker Street venue was renowned as a revolutionary music venue—and hosted, among other theater productions, a National Lampoon musical comedy revue featuring a young John Belushi, Chevy Chase and Christopher Guest—and its closure in 1993 was cause for widespread mourning.

It’s reincarnated today in the form of an eclectic musician-run club called (le) poisson rouge (in English, "Red Fish"). As a "multimedia art cabaret," LPR strives to highlight a variety of musical and artistic styles.

And to create the perfect atmosphere on stage, LPR Head Lighting Designer Ethan Kaplan brought Wybron along for the ride.

Eighteen Wybron CXI IT color-mixing scrollers provide vibrant hues for the intimate stage that’s hosted Paul Simon, Mos Def, Andrew WK, Salman Rushdie, and many more (and the diverse calendar continues).

Fixed on Source 4 PARS, the CXIs feature two overlapping gelstrings with frames of cyan, magenta, and yellow, which mix together to create an almost limitless color palette. Kaplan likes having the flexibility to tweak colors on the fly.

"The CXI’s color mixing allows me to make subtle live color changes during the show without upstaging the performers," he said.

Ten downlights and eight frontlights ensure the performers never wander into the dark. Kaplan especially likes the CXI’s blues and magentas.

"As far as durability goes, these units get scrolled back and forth seven days a week," Kaplan said. "They have been exposed to dust (they were installed while the venue was still under construction), severe vibrations (nightly DJ parties on the weekends), and showers of fake blood (Mini-Gene Simmons, don’t ask)."

"In the last ten months since the venue opened, only one out of our 18 scrollers has required maintenance."

And in this color-rich environment, creativity reigns night after night.