Illuminate New Sanctuary with 42ft. Ceilings

First Baptist Church of Tellico Village
photo courtesy of Ray Best

The First Baptist Church of Tellico Village recently completed construction of a beautiful new building to house their growing congregation. The building added a new sanctuary that holds 430 people, a north annex, bathrooms and a choir room.

The sanctuary’s architectural design included a 42 ft. ceiling, which proved to be a lighting design challenge. During the design and build process, the issues became how to hang the lighting, how to access the lighting on a ceiling of that height with no crawl space and limited access while providing bright, beautiful light to the sanctuary space.

Kenyon Patterson, owner of Tennessee Lighting and professional lighting consultant, stepped in and worked on the new construction project from the ground up to resolve the lighting challenges. Kenyon, a long time veteran of the lighting industry, has quickly become the area resource for LED technology. He recognized early on that high grade LED fixtures with custom mounting plates would be the answer to these particular challenges. At the same time, this lighting plan would bring the church significant energy savings, high quality light, reliability and low maintenance.

Kenyon knew that Wybron and Cygnus LEDs were the solution for the church’s unique lighting requirements. “I've been in the lighting business since 1977 and have been buying Wybron products all along. Keny, CEO of Wybron, is an innovator. The color scroller really was an incredible invention on his part and he revolutionized the lighting industry with it. Now, he sees the writing on the wall and has built an extremely high quality LED product. It’s not inexpensive but you get what you pay for. I love the product. Cygnus LEDs have perfect color rendering, a beautiful dimming curve, and the ultimate in reliability and control features.”

“For a church with a 42 ft. ceiling, it would have been a nightmare to replace lamps in the sanctuary. They would have had to pull pews out and bring in giant boom lifts. There is not a ladder that tall that I am aware of. From that standpoint, it was also a move of practicality to install Cygnus LEDs." He went on to say that as a new construction project, the overall investment was very close to what it would have been for an incandescent system. “All the electrical was based on an LED installation, which means no copper cost, dimmer cost or the electrical contractor labor cost those systems require. With LEDs, your costs become more even and your return on investment comes very quickly. Then, for the next ten years, your cost of operation over time is, relatively speaking, negligible compared to incandescent.”

Kenyon designed the custom mounting plates and worked closely with Wybron engineers and production staff to manufacture the plates that secured the Cygnus VN100s within the 42 ft. ceiling. "Wybron was able to manufacture the custom plates quickly, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved with the project." The 40 Cygnus VN100s were placed to light the stage and as house lighting. Wally Snedecker,the church project manager, reports that the Cygnus VN100s are very bright, quiet and cool, which also saves significantly on air conditioning expense in comparison to the lighting system in the original building.

Wybron’s customized Cygnus LED products and service have proven to be the progressive answer to modern architectural challenges, while significantly reducing maintenance and energy costs and delivering bright illumination of the new sanctuary at FBC Tellico Village.

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