Democratic Debates Go High-Tech with Autopilot II

Running with the Top Dog


Paul Braile, owner of Top Dog Spotlighting, is a master at finding creative uses for Autopilot II, Wybron's performer-tracking system that turns moving heads into automated followspots.

Whether it's following Paul Newman in the the Showtime production of "Our Town," focusing on performers in Central Park, or highlighting newscasters such as Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams, and Lester Holt, Autopilot II maintains an excellent track record.

Autopilot II Covers the Democratic Debates

Braile used Autopilot II to control a variety of spotlights during four of the 2004 Democratic Debates. Autopilot II flawlessly tracked the hosts as the animated candidates battled it out for the prized position of Democratic presidential Candidate for the 2004 election.

"APII is a powerful automated followspot tracking system that has once again proven itself on stage for another 'LIVE TO AIR' event," Braile said. "APII kept the hosts in the spotlight for all of the surrounding camera angles. There were cameras literally surrounding the stage, and APII did its job flawlessly. When changes took place or APII had to be modified or re-calibrated, it was a quick and painless task."

Wybron's First-Class Customer Service

Paul has become an expert at setting up Autopilot II quickly and efficiently. Still, there are times he needs a little help.

"Wybron is there for me, and it's a great feeling, almost like having your own insurance policy for tech support," he said. "I always have a great time with it, and APII always responds to the situation. It's really kind of cool – you go in with a plan, change the whole thing around, and voila, you have automated followspots."