CXIs Add Color to Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall, interior

The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles is a fascinating piece of architectural art. From the striking exterior design to the contemporary pipe organ, the Theatre Projects design team clearly hit the mark.

Theatre Projects Consultants chose to illuminate this acoustical masterpiece with a variety of fixtures – all tucked neatly away for a clean look.

The hall is designed for a variety of entertainment events, from "pure orchestra" to more elaborate performances, all of which can be shaped and colored with the use of creative lighting.

And beautiful colors for artistic expression and atmosphere.

Wybron's CXI IT dual-scroller color-mixing changers added that splash.

Eight CXI color mixers on Strand SL fixtures create the backlight and side wash necessary to provide vibrant color on theatrical and musical events held in the breathtaking building.

Walt Disney Concert Hall, exterior

Four more CXIs were added to the pre-concert area, both for atmosphere and the need to temper the downlighting.

The CXIs offered project designers the effects they wanted without losing too much light. Consultant David Rosenburg said that Theatre Projects Consultants chose the CXIs because of their "off the shelf" flexibility.

"Moving lights were out of the question due to the noise factor and that the overhead fixtures were focusing through a very limited glass aperture," Rosenburg said.

Photos courtesy of Theatre Projects Consultants