Color Changers Enchant Kingdom of Siam


Siam Niramit is a colossal, long-running production showing at the 2,000-seat Ratchada Grand Theatre in Bangkok, Thailand.

Touted as one of the largest stage productions in the world, Siam Niramit features more than 150 actors performing magical illusions, aerial performances, acrobatic stunts, pyrotechnics, and other special effects. The show incorporates more than 500 spectacular costumes and 100 lavishly designed set pieces, some of which are 40 feet high.

With a budget of nearly $40 million, Ratchada Theatre Company Limited turned to Live 4 Projects through Mahajak Development for a lighting scheme that could keep pace with the rest of the show. To deal with such demanding lighting requirements, Lighting System Designers Poon Limpapun, Krissara Warisarapsuricha, and Donna Stark specified lighting components that would deliver a punch, stand the test of time, and remain flexible.


They chose the economical Forerunner color changer and the time-tested Coloram.

Nearly 200 Forerunner color changers were mounted onto Robert Juliat 310HPC and 613SX Profile fixtures, with an array of moving lights complementing the rig. The key front wash light consisted of 24 additional Forerunners on Par 64s.

Side light came from 24 Coloram II color changers mounted onto Robert Juliat 710SX 2K Profile Spots.

The designers loved the effect.

"Wybron scrollers were used to enhance the look of the set, tone the scenery, and provide contrast with the general ambience of each scene," Poon explained. "Scrollers give us lots of freedom to create and achieve different looks over the set and help us minimize the number of lights being used."

The client, Pannin Kitiparaporn of Ratchada Theatre, was impressed with both the results of the color and the low maintenance of the equipment. But most of all, she loves having the freedom to alter the lights without having to stock lots of gel when the theatre is rented out by third parties for seminars and other events.

Flexibility and ease of use turned out to be highlights for the team.

"At one point the show director asked us to change the color of the front key wash light to blue, and he thought that we would have to go all the way up to the catwalk and do the whole focus-plus-gel again," Poon said. "But we told him that it's easy, so we click one of the buttons on the Maxxyz console and there it goes, the new color that he desires."

"He was surprised with how we did that, and we told him that we used the magic of the color scrollers," Poon continued. "Overall the scrollers provide us a selection of colors and freedom to create and achieve different looks over the scenery and set. Wybron scrollers have proved to be a valuable asset and the workhorse for the lighting system."

The results speak for themselves. Siam Niramit packs in visitors by the thousands with performances seven nights a week, all year long.

Lighting Systems Design: Live 4 Projects (Poon Limpapun, Krissara Warisarapsuricha, Donna Stark)

Lighting Design Consultant: John A. Williams and Wikran Maneesri

Equipment: Live 4 Projects through Mahajak Development

Installation and System Testing: Palawat Noicharoen, Tawat Chormuang, Siam Niramit Crews and AVL Consultant and Design Company.