Gel Swatch Library HD for iPad

Updated for iOS 6

All the features that make your job easier

4 Gel Manufacturers

All of the collections from all 4, from CTOs to frosts to the vibrant or subtle colors you use every day. Over 1,350 gel colors in all, right on your iPad. So you can tell the world or your team the colors you want to use.


Picking gels is obviously a visual exercise. And on the iPad, you have all the tools on the screen all the time. Scrolling through the lists will give you the name, number and a small sample of the color. Just touch the item on the list and we give you a large area in which to view the color. If it is not large enough for you, just rotate the screen to portrait. If you need a bigger SED curve with more detail, just touch the SED curve and it will fill the screen.

At the bottom of the view screen are the RGB and CMY coefficients to make the color. If you need the values expressed in percentages or 0-255, just touch the value and the calculation is done for you. All the notes available for each gel are also listed in the swatch view.


A great way to pick colors is to see how they go with colors you already know. We have a great tool for that. From the swatch view, just select a similar color. This puts up 2 colors and if you go to the List button, you can select a new color which will show up on the right panel. The SED curves show you both colors. Select other colors to compare or use the combine button to see what the combination of the 2 gels will look like.

Improved Projects

Projects are lists of colors. But they are special lists which include the color number, name, and a convenient color swatch. Each list can be reordered and each item can have a separate note. So the lists can be used for gel strings or color cuts or just keeping track of the colors on each light. Email the lists right from your phone to keep your colleagues informed about the show, or get a quote for gel strings or color cuts right from Wybron.


The easiest way to find your favorite colors, search by number. Or the easiest way to find your new favorites, search by name. Search for blue and see every blue from every manufacturer in one list. Even search the notes on each gel.

If you have a favorite series of gel, organize them by number from top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top. If you know the swatch book by heart, organize your list from front-to-back or back-to-front.

If you are on the road, and need some gel, the ultimate search is nearly automatic. All the Lee dealers for the entire world are listed on a map, so you can find the closest dealer and email them right from the app. Or look at their website to see if they have anything else you need.

Similar/Complementary Colors

Similar or complementary colors include all the brands. Gel Swatch Library searches the entire library for the closest colors. So even if there is a new color added behind the scenes, you get the closest 12 matches. Even better, if you make a new color using the combine function, the closest colors are found in the blink of an eye.

The Gel Swatch Library HD runs on any iPad running iOS 4.3 and above and can be purchased or updated for free through Apple’s App Store.

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