Wybron Stage Lighting Power Supplies

PS-150, PS-300, PS-600

PS 600 power supply front view

Wybron's 150-, 300- and 600-watt PS Power Supplies™ attach easily to a truss or can be mounted into a 19-inch rack. Each provides power and control signal for Wybron's lighting products, which send feedback to their operators with Remote Device Management.

Both the signal and the power travel along a single 4 pin cable, eliminating the need for a separate power cable for each device. All the devices can be daisy chained for easy wiring and setup.

Net IT PS-600: Ethernet-Ready

PS 600 power supply rear view

The Net IT PS-600™ Power Supply and data translation gateway receives input via Ethernet and converts it into two DMX512 universes for distribution to moving lights or smoke machines.

Net IT PS-600 supports the ArtNet protocol as well as the ACN protocol – also known as E1.31 or streaming DMX.

The Net IT gateway delivers two separate universes of DMX as output via 5-pin XLR connectors. Universe A is partially used to support the power supply outputs. Universe B stands alone for additional signal distribution. Each of the two DMX output ports may be configured to use any 1 of the 128 possible universes.