Autopilot II Glossary

Auto-iris - the capability of the Autopilot system to hold a constant beam size regardless of the location of the performer. Also known as Auto-size.

Auto-run - the capability of the system to start tracking upon power up.

Beltpack - the device worn by the performer containing the electronics and the battery.

Beltpack element - the transmitting device connected to the beltpack which the Autopilot system tracks.

Beltpack height offset - the ability of the Autopilot system to focus the light at the beltpack element or directly above or below it.

Controller - the rack mount enclosure containing the main hardware and software of the Autopilot II product.

Beltpack channel - the DMX channel which determines whether the light is under manual pan/tilt control or follows a specified beltpack.

Coordinate system - a means of specifying the position of an object in 3 dimensional space via X, Y and Z values.  The origin is X=0, Y=0, Z=0.

Dead zone - this is an invisble sphere surrounding the beltpack element inside which the beltpack element can move without the light moving.

DMX map - a table showing which DMX channels are assigned to a light, a control channel, etc.

Fade distance - the distance over which the light will fade out as it approaches the operating boundary.

File - a PC file containing the stage setup (boundaries, light models, etc).

Light - the moving lights used with Autopilot II.

Light calibration procedure - a method of enabling the Autopilot system to determine the X, Y, and Z coordinates and orientation of each light.

Operating area - the space where the lights follow the performer.

Operating boundary - the perimeter of the operating area.

Receiver - the devices mounted above the operating area which receives the ultrasonic signal from each beltpack.

Receiver calibration procedure - a method of constructing the invisible 3 dimensional coordinate system and enabling the Autopilot system to determine the X, Y, and Z coordinates of each receiver.

Temperature sensor - the silver, cylindrical device connected to the controller which measures the air temperature which is used in calculating the speed of (ultrasonic) sound.

Zone - an area, inside the operating area, where a specified light follows a specified beltpack.