Beltpack and Beltpack element

Beltpack Placement/Operation

The Autopilot beltpack is a small package powered by a 9 volt rectangular battery. It can be placed virtually anywhere on a performer. The element works best if placed on an up facing surface of the performer. A shoulder or the top of the head is most commonly used.

The beltpack has an On/Off switch and a LED on the outside of the housing. A lit LED indicates that the beltpack is turned on and the battery is good. The LED has two brightness levels, dim for normal operation, and bright for light is shining on the element. This bright light is used during light calibration.

Each beltpack must be set to the desired "channel" -- much like a wireless mike. The beltpack has a rotary switch inside the housing -- remove the battery to access the switch and rotate the switch position to give you beltpack #1, #2, and so on. Be sure there is only ONE beltpack #1 (or #2, etc.) ON within range of the system at one time.

The Autopilot II beltpack uses no RF in it's operation. So, there will be no channel interference between it and a wireless mike. However, there is sensitive circuitry inside the Autopilot II beltpack. Keep a wireless mike antenna at least six inches from the Autopilot II beltpack and the beltpack element cable. If the wireless mike antenna touches the Autopilot II beltpack or cable, the Autopilot II beltpack will stop working as if it were turned off.

While the battery life in a beltpack is at least 10 hours of constant operation, it is always a good practice to use fresh batteries at the start of a performance just as many people do with wireless mikes. The used batteries can be used in system checkout or in rehearsals. Do not use a battery that is less than 8 volts under load. While Autopilot will continue to work in most cases, the quality of the waveshapes of the ultrasonic signals starts to deteriorate which leads to loss of data.

Beltpack Placement/Operation Guidelines

Keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. Be sure the beltpack is set to the desired channel

  2. Be sure the beltpack LED is ON.

  3. Be sure there is only ONE beltpack #1 (or #2, etc.) ON within range of the system at one time.

  4. Keep the beltpack and cable at least six inches from a wireless mike

  5. Battery life is greater than 10 hours.