Controller Installation

Controller Placement

The Autopilot controller is designed for 19 inch rack mounting but can be placed almost anywhere near the stage.

Each of the eight receivers will have a cable connecting to the controller which will somewhat limit the placement to the stage area. Also, the system setup PC and the temperature sensor, both of which will be located near the stage, is connected to the controller which further limits the placement to the stage area. The controller draws less than 100 watts of AC power.

Controller Installation Guidelines

Keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. Install the controller near the stage area

  2. Hang the temperature sensor 10-15 feet above the operating area floor -- the exact position is not critical

  3. Connect the controller in the DMX line to the lights to be controlled. For assistance wiring the lights, see the Functional Block Diagram.

  4. The PC (laptop) will be connected to the controller via an RS232 cable. Plan the RS232 cable run between the two accordingly.

  5. Daisy chain the DMX cable from the Autopilot II controller's Universe A "DMX output" to the first light. Daisy chain the lights that Autopilot is to control to one another.

  6. The controller draws less than 100 watts of AC power.