Controller Software Versions

Release # Release Date Comments
2.01 12/28/00
  • Initial release
2.02 3/7/01
  • Modified tracking to better follow faster moving targets.
  • Modified NVRAM load routines to better check limits
2.03 3/22/01
  • Changed rcvr_cal, auto_cal, and all test modes to no longer require DMX input for operation.
2.04 3/29/01
  • If all zones and the stage boundaries are erased, the Autopilot II will now track as far as it has the abilty to do so and will ignore all boundaries.
2.05 6/22/01
  • Allow the operator to manually dim a light from the console if a beltpack that the light is assigned to is "lost". Reaquisition of a "lost" beltpack now requires 3 consecutive postion readings from the same location before it is considered reaquired and the light is moved to the beltpack.
2.06 7/11/01
  • Fixed the way lights without a dimmer channel are handled so they now operate correctly in run and test run modes.
2.07 ???
  • Fixed bug that allowed the light to come on if the beltpack left the boundaries and was then turned off.
2.08 ???
  • Change to allow manual control of the dimmer from the console if the beltpack is lost (broken in Ver.2.07).
2.10 ???
  • Changes to run mode initialization.
  • Trace zones now only uses calibrated lights to trace zone boundaries.
2.11 5/09/03
  • Light Models can now be up to 47 channels in length (previous limit was 30 channels) System is now limited to 7 different light models in use at one time.
  • Improved tracking by holding constant height when data is only available from two receivers.

  • Lights now re-init correctly if run mode is exited and then re-entered with the beltpacks turned off.