Cygnus LEDs Take NOĊTÚ to the Next Level

NOĊTÚ • Photography by ©Carol Rosegg • Lighting Design by Michael O'Connor • Choreography by Breandan de Gallai

Wybron’s Cygnus Wash LEDs prove again and again that they deliver outstanding intensity and range of color combined with superior brightness, raising the standard of what’s possible in theatrical and stage lighting. With Cygnus Wash LEDs, available in 200W medium flood and 100W/200W very narrow beam angles, you will achieve exceptional results in one of the most important aspects of a theater production - creating and enhancing visibility, composition and mood with lighting design.

Lighting Designer, Michael O’Connor shares his experience working with Wybron’s Cygnus Wash LEDs in lighting design for the Irish Repertory Theatre's first dance production, NOĊTÚ. NYC’s Irish Repertory Theatre is home to the contemporary Irish-American experience, bringing works by Irish and Irish-American masters and contemporary playwrights to American audiences.

“While the Irish Repertory Theatre in New York has been home to countless successful shows, NOĊTÚ is the first dance piece to be produced there. With the wall of the building stage left and the audience, seated stage right, it is a space really geared to plays. This layout meant booms were out of the question. For a production as dramatic as NOĊTÚ, the thought of losing all low side light angles was daunting. My light plot needed to be flexible enough to handle the eighteen sections of the show with only back- light, some color on the back wall, and a few high sides. With these limitations, I was quickly drawn to the two Wybron Cygnus 200s, which IRT has in-house. Just two of them were able to cut through both my warm and cool down light washes, which had nine ETC PARs in each. Every section looked great, but it wasn’t until we added the Cygnus fixtures to the cue that we all went “Wow”. The additional pop of color on their shoulders made the performers glow and really heightened the overall look of the production. When there is no set and minimal costumes, as an LD, it’s just you and the Dancers up there. Having the two Cygnus 200s let me keep up with Breandán de Gallaíʼs powerful choreography and bring the lighting to that next level.”

The impeccable Cygnus LED family now includes the variable white light Studio series and the Incite 375W Profile, providing all the LED luminaires needed for stage, broadcast, architectural, exhibition, house of worship and many other indoor lighting applications.

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About the Irish Repertory Theatre - Founded by Ciarán O’Reilly and Charlotte Moore, The Irish Repertory Theatre opened its doors in September 1988 with Sean O’Casey’s The Plough and the Stars. The mission of the theatre was and remains,to bring works by Irish and Irish-American masters and contemporary playwrights to American audiences,to provide a context for understanding the contemporary Irish-American experience, and to encourage the development of new works focusing on the Irish and Irish-American experience, as well as a range of other cultures.