16080 Coloram
Mounting Plates / Fixture List

Part # Style Notes
1602-01-020P Thomas Right bracket
1602-01-021P Thomas Left bracket
1604-01-012P Thomas Light blocker. Top or bottom. Use with
1602-01-020P and 1602-01-021P
1608-03-004 Thomas Kit, includes 1602-01-020P and 021P
1604-01-011P Thomas Bracket for barndoor. 2 per unit.
1604-01-15P Thomas Bracket, 4/6/8 Light universal
1604-01-013P Custom BracketforLightandSoundDesign.2perunit.
1608-01-005 Thomas Narrow version of 1602-01-020P. Allows for a
wider throw, but greatly increases overall heat.
Not recommended for general applications
1608-01-006 Thomas Narrow version of 1602-01-021P